Lets Stay together

Lets Stay together

Monday, December 21, 2009

Born with a mission

I am here to complete my mission of throwing light to all of u, that all of us are born to accomplish missions. We grow, not realising this, in due course, completing many missions without knowing the purpose or its process. Birth of a child indicates a women of being a mother and a man a father.... Mission accomplished. Do we realise this at any time. ... The process goes on ... even if one realises or not. A mission well known is rated far too better than a mission not realised. Growth and maturity makes one realise this . At any point in our life its important for us to realise that we are born to complete a mission. By the time we realise life flies off and missions stay incomplete. "Born with a silver spoon", "Born to rule", are some phrases which made me think are those people born with a mission. Am i born with a mission ?. I am yet to realise it. The path of my life has passed through hurdles to achieve many missions though, the question still rises in me Am i born with a mission. Achievers have always been adorned with the praise that they r born to do this and that.. But did they realise that in any part of their life? Many a times i have felt that one needs to sacrifice lots and to cuddle to the warmth of friends and family to accomplish a mission. Before we jump to achieve something it is always better to raise within us this question that are we born with a mission.......

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  1. Welcome to blogosphere!
    ..and that was a good start. Thought provoking. Keep writing.