Lets Stay together

Lets Stay together

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Save our Culture......
Indian culture is the most ethnic and valued throughout the world as of i know. I could see foreigners in Pondicherry dressed in Khavi or Saree and dhoti and with flowers adorned in their head, with a bindi on their forehead. Here in India , our culture has been losing its value and nowadays. We can see girls refusing to wear saree and put tilak in the forehead ( and even so a small one that it is totally invisible). I am a little worried about the vast shift in our culture to westernization. I strongly believe there is a substantial influence of western culture in our Indian youth. I have seen girls wanting to expose more than to hide their inner beauty. The attraction lies where? What is that which is important? Many of us fail to say Namaste or Vanakam, We prefer saying a hi. We also admire our children calling us Papa and Mama or Daddy and Mummy than Appa and Amma. I have heard of Indian families settled abroad insisting on Indian culture to their children and practicing it. The colourful festivals and food has been attracting others but us..... Isnt it weird?The paintings and carvings on our historical buildings is of great value only to the tourists ah? How do we insist on the importance of culture to our children ?. Everyone is his or her own countryman - why can’t we be our own as well?Will this mission ever be complete Pl . share ur views with me......

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